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Carpet Cleaning Mauldin, SC

Carpet Cleaning Mauldin, SC

Carpet Cleaning Mauldin, SC

The best way of making your carpet cleaner is done by leaving nothing behind after a professional carpet cleaning. Here at Zerorez® Mauldin, we are Obsessed with Clean™. We are here to tell you that it's time to ditch those soapy carpets and move onto a revolutionary way of cleaning carpets that will change your life. By relying on our Zr cleaning process™, you'll be left with the cleanest carpets in Mauldin SC. From crawling babies to cuddly pets, you can feel confident every member of the family is safe on your Zerorez® cleaned carpet.

The traditional carpet cleaner will tell you those nasty stains need to be treated with even nastier chemicals and detergents. We disagree. Soapy detergents attract dirt and oil into your carpet and can do lasting damage to the fibers of your home.

Zerorez® carpet cleaning Mauldin SC offers a better, more permanent answer to keeping carpet clean. Our patented Zr process™ and Zr Clean™️ technology leaves behind Zero Residue® - meaning your carpets will stay cleaner, longer. You'll never be tempted to use soap to clean your carpets again after you Experience the Zerorez Difference™.

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The Best Way to Treat Pet Stains

If you have a pet, you've had to deal with pet stains whether that be urine stains, poop stains, muddy paw stains, an uncontrollable amount of fur, or unpleasant pet odors. None of these stains are fun to deal with, but when accidents happen, they need to be taken care of. Now you may be asking what is the best way how to get dog pee out of carpet? First, be aware that there are a lot of bad ideas floating around about DIY stain removal. Common pet stain remedies include baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or coarse brushes - all of which can do permanent damage to your carpets.

As carpet cleaning experts we have seen every kind of pet stain there is. With our expertise, your carpets will be clean and once again brought back to their like-new state. Here at Zerorez® Mauldin, we are a professional carpet cleaning company that not only offers top of the line Pet Stain Cleaning in Mauldin, SC but carpet cleaning that is also safe for your pets. You might be thinking, shouldn't all pet stain cleaning be safe for pets? Well, you would certainly think so, but most traditional carpet cleaning companies use harsh chemicals and cleaners to clean up pet stains. And the residue that is left behind from those harsh chemicals and cleaners cannot be good for anyone. So instead of risking it, clean with Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Mauldin SC! We use no harsh chemicals, soaps, detergents, or harmful cleaners of any kind. All we clean with is our Zr Clean™️ that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Experience The Smarter Way To Clean Carpets™ with Zerorez®.

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What Mauldin is saying about Zerorez

8645587300 Zerorez Greenville 142 West Phillips Rd Greer, SC 29650 Varied


Zerorez was awesome!! We had stains from our puppy and I wasn't sure they would come up. We did the pet package and it got all the stains up! Highly recommend Zerorez! Very friendly customer service.

8645587300 Zerorez Greenville 142 West Phillips Rd Greer, SC 29650 Varied

Two Thumbs Up

Two big thumbs up for ZEROREZ of GREENVILLE! We've been in our house for 8 years and have white Berber carpets. I've tried 3 other cleaning companies but ZEROREZ blew the competition away. Our service provider was friendly and professional. Great Job everyone.

8645587300 Zerorez Greenville 142 West Phillips Rd Greer, SC 29650 Varied

Quality Work

Quality work and great price for the value! Andrew was wonderful! I would recommend him to my friends and family.

Mauldin, SC

Located just between Atlanta and Charlotte, the city of Mauldin, SC is home to around 24,000 residents. Mauldin takes pride in marks, greenways, and trails so that residents and visitors can enjoy the beautiful outdoors of this city. All of the greenery, waterfalls, rivers, trees, and vegetation make a stroll through town relaxing. There are many things to do in Mauldin. Signature experiences include Arts and Entertainment, Tours and Rentals, Shopping, Outdoor Activities, Family-Friendly Activities, and more. Photo by Excel23 at

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