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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Zerorez® is different from other carpet cleaners in Greenville. We don't use detergents, soaps or harsh chemicals to clean your carpets and upholstery. Instead, our professional carpet cleaners use a patented technology that includes Zr Water™️, to loosen embedded dirt from an area rug or carpet. A powerful airflow wand then extracts the water, capturing twice the amount of water that traditional carpet cleaners do.

At Zerorez® we pride ourselves that we don't leave anything behind in your carpet that shouldn't be there! Our cleaning method isn't just healthier, but also lasts longer than other methods. That is The Zerorez Difference™ and why we are the best carpet cleaner in Greenville.

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Carpet Cleaned using Zerorez® Zr Water™️

Carpet Cleaned using Detergents & Shampoos

  • 1 Month
  • 2 Months
  • 3 Months
  • 4 Months
  • 5 Months
  • 6 Months

Residue left behind by detergents and shampoos cause dirt to quickly accumulate over time.

No Hassle Guarantee

It's your home, it's your rules. At Zerorez® Greenville, we stand by our process, so much so that we guarantee results. If you aren't completely satisfied with your results, we'll strive to make things right. We won't charge you unless you're 100% thrilled with the work we've done.

Cuddles Stay, Odors Go

You love your pets. But you probably don't love the odors that sometimes go along with being a pet owner. The traditional cleaning solution is to use deodorizers or perfumes to cover up unwanted scents. These traditional carpet cleaners also add residues to your carpets and upholstery.

Zerorez® is different. We use a non-toxic, food-grade enzyme, which destroys unpleasant smells instead of just covering them up. After that, our patented process, which includes Zr Water™️, thoroughly cleans the area. When we're done, nothing is left behind that will harm your pets. We leave Nothing but Clean™.

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Spills and Stains - Solved for Good

That coffee stain on the carpet or the ketchup that was spilled on the couch wasn't exactly what you imagined when you designed your living room. While it's easy to assume that the best way to get rid of spills and stains is to use strong chemicals and harsh detergents, those products actually leave behind a soapy residue. In the long run, that soapy residue ends up attracting more oil and dirt to the fibers of your furniture and carpet. Even worse, some chemicals can do serious damage to delicate fabrics and your family's health.

Our cleaning process, which includes Zr Water™️ from Zerorez®, is the better answer. As our name explains, our solution leaves Zero Residue®, which also keeps your carpet and upholstery stay cleaner, longer.

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What Greenville is saying about Zerorez

8645587300 Zerorez Greenville 142 West Phillips Rd Greer, SC 29650 Varied

Quality Work

Quality work and great price for the value! Andrew was wonderful! I would recommend him to my friends and family.

8645587300 Zerorez Greenville 142 West Phillips Rd Greer, SC 29650 Varied

So Pleased!

I had a bedroom carpet, couch, and loveseat cleaned. They looked so great afterwards that while they were still there I had them clean the tile in my kitchen and bathroom. I was so pleased with the results. I will be calling Zerorez for my next cleaning!!

8645587300 Zerorez Greenville 142 West Phillips Rd Greer, SC 29650 Varied

Results Were Wonderful

From the first phone call inquiring about services everyone was kind and helpful. They called and arrived at the beginning of the time window and the results were wonderful!

Thorough Care for Your Thoroughfares

Carpeted areas that get a lot of foot traffic usually have the greatest need for a deep cleaning. Conventional carpet cleaners might temporarily hide discoloration in the carpet, but that discoloration will quickly reappear. It reappears because traditional carpet cleaning services use high pressure, hot and excessive water - which can damage the backing on the carpet and seep into the pad below. When people walk across the carpeted area, stains quickly return to the surface from the backing underneath.

Zerorez® uses a low-pressure cleaning process that includes Zr Water™️ with half the amount of water traditional carpet cleaners use. This process penetrates to the root of the carpet's fibers, but doesn't seep into the backing. Without the excessive water, residue and harsh chemicals, your carpet will dry quickly and be ready for foot traffic again, just a few hours after being cleaned.

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