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Reasons to Hire a Tile Cleaning Service for Your Floors

Reasons to Hire a Tile Cleaning Service for Your Floors

Tile makes for a great flooring option, but because it can be porous, dirt can find its way into the tile. Sparing yourself the time spent hunched over your floors scrubbing every inch of tile and grout is made easy when you can understand why hiring a professional is so much more effective.

Mopping and Sweeping

Mopping and sweeping are important to maintaining the cleanliness of your tile and grout in between professional cleanings, but the reality is that they are not as effective as you might hope or expect. Sweeping helps lift the larger particles like crumbs and bigger pieces of dirt so that your floors feel a little cleaner underfoot.

Sweeping should be done several times a week at the least in order to keep your floors as clean as you can on your own. Lifting the large particles not only makes the floor look cleaner, but it helps the feel of it, too.

Mopping is slightly more effective than sweeping, but should be done after you have swept. Because tile is porous, it can be hard for mops to actually reach the dirt and grime that hides in those tiny pores. Mop heads can lift what they touch directly, but once the fibers have collected dirt on their surface, the mop head simply begins spreading the dirt around instead of lifting it.

Aim for Longevity

When you hire a professional for your tile and grout cleaning, expect a longer lasting clean. At Zerorez® we use a high pressure water system that helps us force the dirt out of your tile's pores and leave you without any leftover residue.

When your tile is clean, we then apply a sealant that will help protect your tile for longer. This sealant creates a barrier between your newly cleaned tile and the dirt and debris that could otherwise penetrate it. This makes your cleaning efforts more effective in between the professional cleanings.

Sealant should be applied each time you receive your professional cleaning, and we advise that you call in the pros around once per year.

Give Yourself a Break

It doesn't make sense to waste your time scrubbing the floors without achieving the same results that the professionals at Zerorez® can. Cut yourself some slack by hiring the professionals who can give you a beautiful clean, and a more durable floor. For a longer lasting clean, trust the Zerorez® team. Our cleaning methods are kid and pet friendly, and do not use any sticky, soapy cleaning agents.

Call Zerorez® to learn more about our tile and grout cleaning services, as well as the other services we have to offer.