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What Makes Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning a Safe Household Choice?

What Makes Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning a Safe Household Choice?

One of the most essential things to consider when choosing a carpet cleaner is how safe the cleaning method is they use - especially if you have kids, pets, or babies in your home. You may react to this with the thought, "shouldn't all carpet cleaning be a safe household choice?" The answer is this: you would hope that all carpet cleaning methods were a safe cleaning choice, but the fact is that non-toxic carpet cleaning may have more health benefits.

Traditional Carpet Cleaning Services

Two standard traditional methods of carpet cleaning are carpet shampooing and chemical cleaning. Before you ask, "what is the best carpet shampooer?" you should first ask about how carpet shampooing works and the effect it leaves on your carpet. Shampooing carpet is a very traditional way of cleaning the carpet. It is done by using soap to scrub the carpet and release dirt and grime from the surface. The biggest issue with this carpet cleaning method is that a soapy residue is left behind in exchange for removing dirt from the carpet fibers. This soapy residue then attracts even more dirt and grime over time. We never recommend choosing to clean your carpet by applying soaps, detergents, or shampoos.

The chemical carpet cleaning method is very popular for cleaning large areas of carpet or areas with high traffic. It is done by applying a chemical substance to the carpet using a large machine to absorb dirt and soil. Though this carpet cleaning method may improve the appearance of the carpet, there are two problems. First, this cleaning method is not deep cleaning. It only cleans the very surface of the carpet, leaving behind lots of dirt and grime down in the carpet fibers. Second, chemical carpet cleaning leaves behind a chemical residue. Any sort of harsh chemical residue that is left behind could be potentially harmful to people or pets that come in contact with it.

Green Carpet Cleaning Greenville

Let's talk about The Zerorez Difference®.

At Zerorez® Greenville, we know that health and safety for our customer's children and pets is a necessity. That is why we have created a green cleaning method that is completely safe for you and your family. When coming to clean the carpets in your home, the first thing we do is to pre-treat your carpet with a non-toxic, food-grade enzyme that eliminates unpleasant smells and prepares the carpet for the main cleaning. Next, we clean your carpets thoroughly with our patented Zr wand™ and Zr Clean™️ solution that cleans even better than soap! We sharply reduce the amount of water left behind that otherwise would cause your carpet padding to flood, and we never leave residue behind. Finally, our drying times are up to two times faster than our competitors. After a carpet cleaning from Zerorez®, you and your family will be back on your carpets in no time. Discover how the Zerorez® green carpet cleaning process can create a clean and healthy home for you and your family by booking an appointment online today!